About Us

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Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Hammons, Gowens, Hurst & Associates is known for providing quality legal services to clients in the area of employment law.

Employment Law is our practice. We are devoted to helping our clients fight unfair employment practices such as discrimination based upon race, age, gender, religion or national origin, sexual harassment, overtime and unpaid wage disputes, violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, pregnancy discrimination, and Family Medical Leave Act.

Our goal is to be the law firm of choice when an employee has a problem in the workplace.

Our Philosophy

The law firm of Hammons, Gowens, Hurst & Associates is committed to providing its clients with high quality, personalized attention combined with service that is custom-tailored to their needs.

Providing quality legal work doesn’t mean we just work hard — it means we work smart. It also means that we use our experience and skills to obtain optimal settlement of your case or to prevail at trial. It means listening to our clients, providing sound legal advice, and then vigorously pursuing our clients’ goals.

Our purpose is what sets us apart. From the moment we take your case, we work diligently in preparation to take it to trial.

Because accurate preparation of employment law claims can be emotionally draining, it is important to have a seasoned lawyer in your corner. If you have issues with a current or former employer, we can provide the help you need.