Social Security Law Attorneys Serving Oklahoma

Obtaining Social Security benefits can be a complex process, especially if your initial application has been denied, which is a common occurrence. Instead of dealing with discouragement, seek competent legal representation for the administrative hearing process so that you will not have to deal with it on your own.

At Hammons, Gowens, Hurst and Associates in Oklahoma City, we believe in compassionate, dedicated, and catered legal representation. We not only help our clients with employment law issues, we also represent individuals who are facing Social Security issues.

Helping Oklahomans with Social Security Law Matters

Perhaps you’re disabled or unable to work, and you’ve determined SSD (Social Security Disability) is your only hope. Navigating the complicated waters of seeking SSD benefits can be daunting; the rate of denial is high for initial applicants. This is why hiring one of our Social Security attorneys is imperative for your situation. Our skilled attorneys and staff can examine your disability case and then help you gather the necessary medical records and documentation to create a strong application for benefits. They can also prepare you for the hearing process.

Denied? We Handle SSD Appeals

If you’ve already been denied, we can help with the SSD appeals process. Don’t rely on the Social Security Administration to help you with your case; that’s not what they are there to do.

Having an experienced Social Security attorney in Oklahoma City handle the legal issues in your behalf is the right decision. Don’t attempt to do this on your own—seek our help today.

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